SANITAS is the ethical, exclusive Skin Care line of LITTLE MOROCCO.  Free from Parabens, SLS, Fragrance, Petrochemicals and Animal-Testing.



Facial Cupping is gently performed to move lymphatic fluid down from the face and neck.  The result is an IMMEDIATE 'LIFTING' that will last 3-7 days.   The eyes will lift, cheekbones pop out, chin and neck slim out.. as if you lose 10 pounds in the face.  THIS IS AN AMAZING TREATMENT!  No down time, Cupping marks or irritation of any sort!!  Excellent to do at the last minute for an important event.

45 minutes          $75   (massage only)

1 hr 15 minutes  $120 (add-on  facial)



Your skin is moistened with warm towels, followed by a thorough cleansing of the face and neck.  An enzyme mask will be chosen for your specific skin condition, then massaged in to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.  Extractions are then performed, if needed..  followed by high frequency to oxygenate the Skin!  Now comes a custom mask chosen for your skin's specific needs.  While your mask does its thing, your shoulders, neck and scalp receive some much-needed massage therapy.  Then a nourishing vitamin serum is massaged into the face and neck.. not forgetting your ever-important eye cream!  A moisturizer will finish off the treatment.  SPF is also applied, if necessary.

50-60 minutes          $85     



Microdermbrasion is a treatment used to remove the top layer of dead skin.  I prefer using a diamond-tip wand machine.  While being performed, it feels like sandpaper on the skin, with a bit of suction behind it!   Most of my clients would describe it as 'relaxing.'   The end result is skin that looks refined, smooth, and more even in color.   This treatment combines Microdermabrasion with a custom facial, to be tailored for your skin's specific needs.

60  minutes         $95    

30 minutes          $50  (cleanse, microdermabrasion, hydrate)

Add-on a layer of TCA ‘Peel’  for $10



A facial for ultimate relaxation!  If you love massage as much as a facial, this one's for you!  My Signature Facial is extended, allowing plenty of time for focused massage.  Massage will include face, neck, scalp, shoulders, arms, hands and feet!!  

75 minutes          $135



Ultrasound is a comfortable, soothing treatment that firms the skin.  Ultrasound gently improves circulation under the skin, while reducing inflammation at the same time.  Treatment is also performed specifically around the eyes to reduce puffiness.  Great choice for those with sensitive skin!

50 minutes          $85



A (heavier) light chemical peel that is great for aging skin, 'sun spots,' acne.. Just about anyone will benefit from this combination peel!  *** Skin will typically discolor a bit for a few days, then flake off ***  Light skin peeling expected afterwards, but with minimal irritation or redness.  The result is MORE EVEN SKIN TONE.

30 minutes       $75        



A facial treatment tailored for his needs.  My Signature Facial combined with 'grooming' of the brows, nose and ears.  Treatment ends with a relaxing scalp massage.

50 minutes        $85



Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic and a layered TCA 'Peel' are combined, creating my Signature 'Anti-Aging' Facial.  

60 minutes       $125



For those with blackheads, milia, or mild acne.  Extractions performed, along with High-Frequency.  TCA ‘Peel’ treatment applied to finish off the facial.

60 minutes        $95



A back-focused treatment to clear up acne, congestion or inflammation on your back.  Traditional cleansing, hot towels, extractions and a treatment mask will be performed.  

60 minutes     $100